What do you want, really?

What do you want, really?

The first principle of our indie.biz Manifesto is that “goals are paramount”.

In other words, the most important thing you need to know is “why?”. Before embarking on any venture, but certainly before starting your own business, be sure you know why you’re doing it.

It sounds so obvious, and yet it’s surprisingly hard to do. Because to really know what you want, you have to do some work. And being specific matters, because you’re going to need to prioritize.

As Ray Dalio puts it, “You can have virtually anything you want, but you can’t have everything you want.”

This week we’ve put together a worksheet that can help.

It has two parts. First you rank your goals.
Then you record them.

When writing goals, be sure to include measurable goals that you'll know when you have reached. These should be ambitious but realistic.

  • “I want to have $75,000 profit next year.”
  • “I want to never miss my kids’ games.”
  • “I want to travel 4 weeks each year.”
  • “I want to work with these 3 clients.”

Check back on the list in a week. Are these still your top goals? Are they achievable? Do you have clear measurements for success?

Compare goals with partners. Share your goals with partners or collaborators to see how your goals align with theirs.

Keep your top goals in mind. What are the biggest obstacles to achieving them? Schedule some time in one or two months to see how you’re doing.

Michael Megalli

Michael Megalli

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